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Grow your audience with great design!

September 16, 2019 | Creative Direction

First impressions are based on visuals. Every day we tend to skim through zillions of websites and if we don’t trust what we see we’re not going to spare much time to read the content!

Great design, will create a great first impression, why?

Before visitors are ready to give away their time to read your content, they will browse through your website and what do your site and design say about you? Is it inspiring, readable, easy to navigate? Not only what is the general feel? When you step into an Anthropologie shop, you know immediately where you are and what you’ll find there the same for a brand like  All Saints. The last thing you want is for your beautiful creations and amazing customer service to be let down by poor and cheap design.

When someone’s visits your site, you have to imagine yourself taking their hand and inviting them into your domain.

Make them feel at ease, be welcoming, make it easy for them to understand who you serve and how you can help, this information has to jump very quickly in front of their eyes in an authentic way. This first impression is built through your design and images on the website.

Before you even launch your website you have to put yourself into your ideal clients’ shoes to understand how they will feel when they land on your homepage, are you inviting enough for them to continue the visit?

For them to feel at home, it’s worth spending time researching the aesthetic of your brand, and how you want this to come across your site, what do you want to say? Use verbal and non-verbal tools.

Great Design creates trust

According to Derek Halpern great design creates trust, we quickly tend to judge a book by it’s cover, and we do the same for a website. Even after receiving a recommendation, if I research a designer or social media expert, the first thing I will look at, is their website and if they have knowledge about what they preach.

I recently researched a freelancer PR who promoted herself as an expert on Instagram when I went to her website, I have to admit I was appalled and confused by the messages she was trying to promote on her website. I realised that this person did not even have an Instagram account!  If you do not want to be this person be clear about the message, brand values, work with a designer who has the expertise and has worked with similar brands like yours. You want them to understand your brand and ideal clients before they even suggest anything to you. Don’t be afraid to say no, “this person is not the right fit for me!

Create a beautiful shop window

Your website is your shop window and often the first encounter with a prospective client has with you, if they don’t recognise themselves in your design, don’t understand what you are about you’ve lost them!  To create trust make them feel at home, show them that you are the perfect match for their problem and have the solution they’re after! Inspire them!

You might think but good design is expensive? Forget about expensive, think in term of values what are you getting out of working with a designer, a photographer, that will help you connect with your ideal client? Your clients deserve not just an off the shelter solution but a design customised to your brand, that will reinstate trust and create a great first impression.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design”. Dr Ralf Speth

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